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"You suck as a marketer!"

Learn the most effective tools to become a super marketer of your apps, software, hi-tech startup, and even yourself!

"We got equity"

Is equity the best compensation for hi-tech startups? How should it be divided and who decides? How do you evaluate the company for equity or a possible sale? Join the conversation to learn how area experts answer these questions.

Business formation for Tech

Ensure your high-growth company is operating under the best business and legal structures that will protect you as the owner.

"That's Not Newsworthy!"

Learn how to get free publicity by grabbing the attention of reporters and properly crafting a great press release.

Geek Talk!

Come chat with your fellow geeks about new technologies, low cost tech tools, local tech classes & seminars, and tech meetup groups.

Reporter Speed Networking

It's time for some publicity! Come pitch your story directly to our panel of local reporters.

From $1 Idea to $1M Company

Brace yourself as you hear directly from venture capitalists and angel investors on how to navigate the world of investments in upstate New York. Also learn how to become an investor yourself!

"Your Hi-Tech Company is So Much More Than That Logo!"

Explore how to build an outstanding business and personal brand that will last a life time.